Insulated cups for 6 hours without deterioration

Time:2019-11-12 15:50:44

In the cold winter, a cup of warm orange juice or coffee will give us some warmth, and the cup is very popular this season. Then you know how long the drinks in the mug can last for a long time, will it deteriorate? With this problem, experts from relevant departments conducted experiments on the vacuum flask to uncover the secret of the vacuum flask.

         The experts chose 4 kinds of regular drinks: baby milk powder, coffee, orange juice and boiled water. At the same time, they chose a branded mug with a higher price, and filled the boiled boiled water and orange juice into a thermos cup; the baby milk powder that was brewed with boiling water and The coffee was placed in a thermos cup. The results of the experiment showed that no E. coli/coliform was detected in either the four drinks that were just loaded or the six-hour drink in the thermos cup. Experts pointed out that since the heating and boiling itself is a sterilization process, and the sealing performance and heat preservation effect of the vacuum cup are good, the four drinks are in a high temperature sealed state for a long time. Under these conditions, E. coli/coliforms cannot grow and survive. With the triple guarantee of boiling, heat preservation and sealing, even if it is placed for 6 hours, the water in the vacuum cup can still be used. However, it should be reminded that the utensils that are intended to be uncontaminated and must be sterilized must be sterilized and airtight. Therefore, choosing a good quality vacuum flask is the key.